PEMA Heavy robotic solutions are designed to meet even the highest demands. The modular PEMA product range allows to build the production system of numerous components with a large variety of robot tracks and material handling.

PEMA robotized welding stations and production lines are designed for use in extra heavy duty production environment. Compared with lighter applications, this starts a new era in robot welding automation.

No matter what types of metal structures are manufactured, their structural integrity will certainly depend on welding quality. PEMA’s flexible robot systems provenly raise end-product dependability and reliability as well as product end-user satisfaction.

Profitability for small scale production

Achieved automation rate up to 95%

System can be utilized 24/7

Large working areas for robots

Articulated standard industrial robots can be used for the process tasks, but their reachability is relatively limited. When considering process demands, such as welding positions, the feasibility of a stand-alone robot can be compromised with any medium or large-size workpieces.

To overcome this limitation and in order to provide large working envelopes for the robots, PEMA’s offering consists of several types of peripheral components.

PEMA robotic welding:

  • Solutions for heavy engineering production
  • Complete deliveries including material handling and conveying systems
  • Effective programming solutions such as PEMA Vision System and off-line
  • Profitability for small-scale production
  • Commissioning, training and modernisation services
  • PEMA is a Yaskawa Motoman System Partner

Typical PEMA solutions for robot peripherals:

  • Floor track with one linear axis
  • Gantry (half portal) with one to three linear axis
  • Column and boom type manipulators with one to three linear axis

In addition to extended reachability, the peripheral equipment allows the robot to use several different workstations, all equipped with their own workpiece
positioners, as well as the use of additional robots on the same area.


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