Our columns and booms – ranging from 1.5 x 1 metres up to 8 x 8 metres for column stroke and boom range – are used for the positioning and guidance of welding heads, welding torches and other tools. Columns & booms can thus be combined with positioners and/or roller beds in a variety of applications such as the welding of circumferential or longitudinal seams or the build-up welding of alloys on workpieces.

The standard versions of our columns & booms have the following features:

Lean or heavy-duty design, depending on the maximum boom load, the smoothness of motion (low vibration) and boom length
Guides on the column & boom consisting of gear racks and linear guides
Standard control
Possible optional extras:

Operator’s seat mounted at the front end of the boom (heavy-duty version only)
In addition to the standard models mentioned above, we can also design column & boom combinations with other lengths.

Detailed information can be supplied on request.


Versiyon Total Height
Columns Stroke
Boom Rang
Max. Boom Load
MO-AT-1500×1000 Lean 2200 1500 1000 60
MO-AT-3000×3000 Lean 4600 3000 3000 150
MO-AT-4000×4000 Lean 5600 4000 4000 250
MO-AT-5000×5000 Heavy Duty 7300 5000 5000 400
MO-AT-6000×6000 Heavy Duty 8300 6000 6000 400
MO-AT-7000×7000 Heavy Duty 9300 7000 7000 400
MO-AT-8000×8000 Heavy Duty 10300 8000 8000 400

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