The 225HE is an electric multistack and multiradius tube bending machine with the biggest automatic cycle in the world. It processes tubes in mild steel with diameters up to 225mm and thicknesses of up to 12mm. This tube bending machine has a vertical excursion that allows it to mount several levels of tools. It was created to withstand heavy workloads and extremely stressful production cycles. Despite its impressive dimensions, this machine ensures high energy savings. Furthermore, it has last generation absolute servomotors with integrated feedback and diagnostics. Its 15 Full Electric axes are managed by CNC Siemens 840D sl.



170HE 170MHE 225HE 225MHE
Bending direction Right or left Right or left Right or left Right or left
Material/max. tube diameter Mild steel / Up to Ø 170x12mm Mild steel / Up to Ø 170x12mm Mild steel / Up to Ø 225x12mm Mild steel / Up to Ø 225x12mm
CNC model Siemens 840D sl Siemens 840D sl Siemens 840D sl Siemens 840D sl
Nr. CNC Axes 14 9 14 9
Max. bending radius 750mm 750mm 750mm 750mm
Max. length of tube 6000mm 6000mm 6000mm 6000mm
Vertical excursion 965mm 965mm —-
Bending Speed 13°/sec 13°/sec 12°/sec 12°/sec
Bending precision +/-0,05° +/-0,05° +/-0,05° +/-0,05°
Y axis speed 38m/min 38m/min 38m/min 38m/min
Precision of Yaxis +/-0,05mm +/-0,05mm +/-0,05mm +/-0,05mm
Installed power 60kW 60kW 60kW 60kW
IEQ sound level < 61dB(A) < 61dB(A) < 61dB(A) < 61dB(A)
Weight 65000kg 50000kg 65000kg 50000kg
Dimension (HxLxP) [mm] 4550/5150/12900mm 3650/5150/12900mm 4550/5150/12900mm 3650/5150/12900mm



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