114 HE Full Servo Elektrikli CNC Boru Bükme Makinesi

The 114HE is the tube bending machine in the Heavy series for mild steel tubes up to 114 millimetres in diameter. Suitable for heavy processes, it stands out for its rigidity and performance, but the bending head dimensions are small enough to allow it to complete complex geometries that normally require double bending directions. This is a multistack machine, due to its high vertical excursion. The nine controlled axes are driven by electric motors and managed by CNC Siemens 840D sl.



980HE 100HE 114HE 130HE 150HE
Bending direction Right or left Right or left Right or left Right or left Right or left
Material/max. tube diameter Steel/ 80×2 mm Steel/ 100×2.5 mm Steel/114×2.5mm Steel/ 130×3 mm Steel/150x3mm
CNC model Siemens 840D sl Siemens 840D sl Siemens 840D sl Siemens 840D sl Siemens 840D sl
Nr. CNC Axes 9 11 11 11 11
Max. bending radius 250 mm 400 mm 400 mm 450 mm 450 mm
Max. length of tube 3100/5100 mm 3500/6000 mm 3500/6000 mm 4200/7500 mm 4200/7500 mm
Max. bending speed 93°/sec 66°/sec 55°/sec 50°/sec 36°/sec
Bending Resolution +/-0.05° +/-0.05° +/-0.05° +/-0.05° +/-0.05°
Max. speed of Y axis 56,7 m/mm 38 m/mm 38 m/mm 38 m/mm 38 m/mm
Res. of Y axis +/-0.05 mm +/-0.05 mm +/-0.05 mm +/-0.05 mm +/-0.05 mm
Power 36 kW 36 kW 36 kW 60 kW 60 kW
Weight 10700 kg 13000 kg 13500 kg 23500 kg 24000 kg
Dimension (HxLxP) [mm] 2050X2150X6600 mm 2100x2275x7686 mm 2100x2275x7686 mm 2360x2980x9530 mm 2360x2980x9530 mm

Values referred to materials with Rs=250 N/mm2


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