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The productivity of our machines is boosted considerably by automated workpiece handling with logistics integrated in the machine concept. The illustration below shows a typical materials flow for round pipes with a loading and off-loading table, a cutting conveyor and handling systems. The pipe is transferred from the loading table onto an infeed conveyor behind the chuck system. From here the pipe is pushed through the opening of the chuck onto the cutting conveyor in front of the chuck, where it is clamped and cut. Via an outfeed conveyor, the profiled pipe is then discharged onto the table in front of the machine, where it awaits further processing.

In addition to the motorized roller bed solution, the machines can also be supplied with conventional pipe support carriages suitable for a maximum pipe diameter of up to 4,064 mm and a maximum pipe weight of up to 15 tonnes. If the pipe is placed on 2 carriages, the pipe can be displaced by the manual or motorized movement of the carriages. The support rollers of the pipe carriage are manually or hydraulically adjusted to the pipe diameter with a scissor mechanism.
For a maximum pipe diameter of 610 mm and a maximum pipe weight of 2 tonnes, ball gutters can be used on which the pipe is than moved.

-Pipe carriages for pipes with a maximum diameter of 1,524 mm and a maximum weight of 15 tonnes. Pipe carriages with pneumatic drive

-A typical efficient materials flow arrangement for round pipes

-Motorized ball gutter

-Motorized roller conveyor for pipes with a maximum diameter of 1,524 mm and a maximum weight of 15 tonnes

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